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Art of Conversation Through the Medium of Social Networks

The internet provides various social networking sites through which you can communicate with people from every corner of the world. It even helps in real time conversation between people, through the option of chatting provided on various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you can get a whole lot of information from the Wikis [...]

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Top 10 Education iPhone Apps for Students

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Various applications of the phones have their special features and help the people in different ways by providing information or entertainment. The latest applications of the iPhone come with various amazing features. Mention can be made of the educational applications of the iPhone for the students. These applications come in handy to provide loads of [...]

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Apple Launches Varieties of Apps for it’s Users

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Looking at the demand of the market, Apple launches a number of apps for its users. More than 133,979 apps are now available in the app stores that are ready to be downloaded and enjoyed by the users all over the world. The apps developed by Apple are very useful and entertaining also.   The [...]

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Real worth of a Facebook Fan

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Facebook has opened up larger avenues to make money by making a number of fan following on the social network site. A huge number of fans will definitely attract innumerable posts and comments on your page. This will in turn attract the eye of the different companies to use your page as an advertising platform [...]

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Google Attacks Partner Acer of Conspiracy along with Chinese Android

Thumbnail image for Google Attacks Partner Acer of Conspiracy along with Chinese Android

Google tried to calm situations down, after Acer, a partner, arranged a press conference and deliberately informed that Google has blocked an event of launching a cheaper version of Android of the famous Chinese e-commerce company of Alibaba. The incident prompted Google to threaten its partner, Acer, saying that it would revoke Acer’s membership of [...]

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Vodafone offers security solutions for J&K, DoT rejects

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The solution that Vodafone offered in order to monitor the activities related to the mobile internet in Jammu and Kashmir has been rejected by the Department of Telecom, the reason being its inability to meet the requirements of the government regarding the tracking of net usage. According to the department of telecommunications, the solution that [...]

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iPhone 5 Not Compatible With Europe’s 4G Services

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    Luca s 326 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story internal anguish was evident through his altering facial features.

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    He stepped closer to her, drawing so near that she could see the faint glow of lamplight from inside the coach alight against his eyes, winking beneath the shadow of his hat brim.

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    Though the launch of iPhone 5 is highly applauded in the United States, the fan base in the European market feels a let down. The latest device from Apple, Inc. will not work on 4G networks of Europe, which confuses the consumers who were expecting the device to perform excellently on super fast broadband mobile [...]

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    BlackBerry Suffers As Android Getting More Acceptance

    Thumbnail image for BlackBerry Suffers As Android Getting More Acceptance

    Many Smartphone users in Indonesia are shifting their loyalty from BlackBerry handsets to the Samsung devices, which are based on Android. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), which is a group of telecommunication and IT research, reveals that Android grabs 52% market share of Smartphone operating systems in Indonesia. However, IDC confirms that BlackBerry is [...]

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    Mark Zuckerberg Declares Facebook Had Overcome Its Hard Times

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  • Mark Zuckerberg, the chairperson of Facebook Inc, clarified certain instances at a technical conference held in the city ofSan Francisco. This is the first one, after Facebook’s IPO in the month of May this year. The shares of this SNS giant have observed a downfall to $19.43 from its initial $38. Zuckerberg was out of [...]

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    Is Twitter Really Useful?

    Thumbnail image for Is Twitter Really Useful?

    Twitter has only 200 million accounts in comparison to the whopping 600million on Facebook. Is Twitter really useful? 33% of the Twitter traffic originates in the US whereas 25% users have no followers. Just about 20% users followed more than eleven people and the same percentage produce more than 80% of the network’s total content. [...]

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    Usage of 4G LTE – Samsung threatening against Apple

    Thumbnail image for Usage of 4G LTE – Samsung threatening against Apple

    Samsung has been reported to file a case against unique iPhone 5 if it is found that the device is inbuilt with 4G LTE ability. According to a few sources, the Korean technology maker promised to take legal actions against Apple if the feature of 4G LTE is being incorporated into iPhone 5. Samsung is [...]

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    Twitter Users Getting Their Questions Answered

    Tweet any question and get the feedback from your followers. The social networking site provides a platform where anyone can simply get to verify their queries. Almost 80% of the answers are from the businesses. Almost 66% of the questions that are asked in the networking site have commercial interest behind them. Almost 59% of [...]

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    10 iPhone Business Apps and their Uses

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  • Weren t there enough clothes in the mercantile to relieve women of that burden?

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  • And I m sorry I told the men you made the cobbler, though I honestly didn t think I d embarrass you.
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  • Her eyes narrowed, How much have you had to drink? She realized he had left her some wiggle room; not much, but enough that with a few moments of concerted effort, she would be able to work the knots loose and free herself.
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    iPhone is a miraculous device introduced by Apple that is not simply a phone but something more. It will be better if you call it a pocket size computer because the features inside serve the same purpose. The individual version of the iPhone comes with different applications that can be used to continue with work [...]

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